European Wasp Treatment

This was a European Wasp treatment and removal of the Nest in the wall cavities.

Wasps nests

You can find nests in roofs, walls as you can see in this picture and under the eaves of houses in the ground, in rubbish heaps or at the bottom of trees and shrubs. Nests are usually light grey and look like cardboard. They are usually football sized or larger.

The wasp does not have natural predators in Australia to control them. Also, in Europe, the cold winters kill most of the wasps, but the warmer climate of Australia means the entire nest can survive. This means that there can be many wasps in Australia.

European wasps like sweet foods and meat. This is why they appear at barbeques or you may even see them flying around your vehicle landing and feeding on the dead bugs on the front of your vehicle. Unlike bees they do not collect pollen from trees and flowers.

European wasp nests have thousands of wasps. They can each sting a victim many times.

If you can see many wasps flying around your property, there is probably a nest somewhere. They usually fly within 50 to 200 metres from their nest. They are usually in the ground and more common in summer.

How we destroy a wasps nest

  • We use insecticide dust from sundew this is highly affective in killing the nest as they transport it and spread it throughout the nest this killing the Queen
  • If you think you are allergic to bees or wasps, do not attempt to kill or remove the wasp nest yourself
  • The nest is always quitter at night and you may notice them returning to the nest at sunset for the night.
  • we wear protective clothing that Covers all of our skin
  • Approach the nest quietly and put the insecticide dust down the entrance
  •   After a day or two, the wasps should be all dead
  • The hole can be filled in after a few days. You do not need to remove the nest but at times our customers may request it as you can see here, this was carried out by a licenced builder and Magical Pest solutions on site.

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