Termite Inspection & Treatment

 Let the experts at Magical Pest Solutions provide your home or commercial property with termite inspections or termite treatment if required. We are fully licensed & certified for all pest or termite related  services. If you have noticed any signs of a current infestation or its been over 12 months it may be time for you to call and book your Timber pest inspection. Give us a call on 0412464199 or email info@magicalpest.com.au and we’ll take care of your property for you.


When a colony may have formed itself in your Home or Building, they may never stop consuming the wood inside your home if left untreated. Have you seen any visible signs of Alates? Or as some people may call them, flying Ants.

What is an Alate?

Alates are also known as flying termites or “swarmers.”

The Alates purpose in life is to find a mate and set up home. The couple find a piece of wood/timber where the female can lay her eggs, raise her babies and then allow her mate to take care of the colony while the initial female becomes the Queen. She will spend the rest of her life (20 – 30 years) making millions of termite babies.

Swarming termites have a quick rate of reproduction, especially during the spring season when they are searching for a new place for their colony. They can live in and infest almost every area of your home that has wood in it:

  • Trim
  • Floors
  • Walls / Wet areas
  • Ceilings
  • Foundations
  • Decks


If you detect termite-sized mud tunnels or blistering damage to the wood in or around your home, you’ve most likely got a termite problem. Without a proper inspection, these pests can Cause so much damage to the inside structure of your building  without noticeable problems.


At Magical Pest Solutions we understand the damage termites can cause to your Port Macquarie  property on the Mid North Coast. Our professional pest management team, will inspect & treat any termites we find, and prevent them from coming back in the future. Contact us today so you can rest easy knowing your biggest asset is Safe & Pest free.


3 Termite prevention methods to protect your home

We Get many  reports of termite infestation in the port Macquarie Area & around Lighthouse Beach Location. Termites can be found on the ground eating dead wood such as garden timbers or stored timbers or worse, living in the walls of your house. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than the cure’, and that’s certainly the case when dealing with destructive termite species. So, this one is for you. Here are 3 termite prevention methods you may want to apply to help protect your home from termite attack that may cause damage.

Preventing moisture and water leaks
Termites love moisture and water leaks. They cling to it in order for them to survive. Fix any leaking pipes or hot water or Airconditioning overflow outlets and direct them to storm water pipes.

Avoid storing timber or building structures in direct contact with the ground, such as timber fences or post.
Wood is the main source of food for termites. When footings, deck and other timber-made materials connected to your home are in direct contact with the ground, expect termites to use it as their prefered path into your home. Making sure Garden beds, soil levels or concrete have a clearance of 75 mm between the ground and weep holes or even your termite mesh and or piers can help.

Regular Inspections
Obviously one of the best things you can do is to consult a termite expert. This early action will help you ensure that your home is safe and protected from any kinds of termites. Magical Pest Solutions offer termite inspection and termite treatments in Port Macquarie and the Mid north Coast.

Magical Pest Solutions technicians are experts in detecting and treating termites, so book an inspection or termite treatment today. 

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